Kenwood KVC-23 Vehicular Charger - KVC-23

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Kenwood KVC-23 

The KVC-23 has a rugged, heavy-duty design ideal for the demanding public safety and industrial sectors which require the charging of portables in the field during long shifts, in remote locations and during times of mass power outages. The KVC-23 Vehicular Charger includes an adjustable-angle steel bracket, D.C. power ignition sense and vehicular repeater control leads.  


Key Features

Capable of charging Li-Ion, Li-Polymer and Ni-MH battery packs

1. Three dedicated LED Status Indicator (Red : Charging, Green : Full, Repeater ON : Yellow)
2. Operates in 12V vehicle power systems
3. Overcharge protection prevents against reduced battery pack life caused by excessive charging
4. Easy to use design allows charging to start by simply sliding the radio or battery into the charger slot
5. Easily customized to support a variety of Kenwood radio types, batteries and customer options
6. Easily accessible Repeater ON/OFF control button


 Works with the Kenwood TK-5x10/5x20, NX-5x00/x00/x10/x20/, TK-x170,TKx180,TKx360 portables with
Lithium-Ion, Lithium Polymer and NiMH battery packs



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